Quality that's noticeably different.

Commercial Instrumentation designed and built so well, we offer an industry leading Six-Year Zero Defects Guarantee. No other company offers this kind of guarantee because no one builds instruments like we do. This dedication to quality is at the heart of our "CES Pride Policy".

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Commercial & Industrial Instrumentation done right

For over 30 years, we've specialized in the design and manufacturing of precision instruments that monitor and control airflow, fluid flow, and industrial processes for a wide variety of industries and applications. We also have decades of experience designing custom instrumentation for commercial and industrial purposes.

A wide variety of organizations have deployed our unique solutions including Fortune 500 Organizations, the Federal Government, Ivy League Institutions, as well as numerous small and medium sized businesses.

It's very common for our instruments to remain in the field and maintain their calibration for twenty years or more. This is one reason we're able to offer our unmatched Six-Year Guarantee on all items we ship.

Accuracy and Repeatability

  • Superior design and our commitment to quality ensures unrivaled results. Click here to discover what separates our products from

    We're so confident in the design and craftsmanship behind our instruments we guarantee the accuracy of our all our instruments for an industry unprecedented Six-Year Guarantee.