Pressure Management

We have over thirty years of experience helping organizations like yours deal with problems surrounding the control and measurement of air, gas, and fluid pressure.

We specialize in high precision instruments that can measure draft range pressure, volumetric flow, and mass flow.

Feel free to contact us regarding other, related sensors for temperature, humidity, chemical detection, and other custom sensors.

We have experience in a wide variety of applications. Just a few of our project applications include paint booths, flow stations, permeability testers, and power plants. Our practical expertise in such a wide variety applications ensures that you will receive the best of breed solution for your organization's unique needs.

Relevant Product Lines:

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have questions or problems finding a solution for your unique process or problem.

  • Custom - We have the expertise needed to solve a wide variety of difficult-to-solve problems while ensuring the cost of the project remains surprisingly affordable.

  • Pressure Drop Testers - Precisely measures the drop in pressure across a test medium.

  • Transmitters - Transmitters are able to accurately measure pressure, ultra-low pressure, flow rate, ultra-low flow rate ( i.e. draft range) and position. They are also responsible for sending a signal back to a controller, PLC, or similar device.