Auto-Zero Ultra Low Draft Range Transmitter (CES 476)


  • Senses differential pressure between air or gasses down to ultra low draft range (i.e. low-flow) signals.

  • Optional Bi-directional Flow Measurement.

  • Proprietary Intelligent Auto-Zero ensures optimal accuracy and longevity without user interaction.
  • Optional Mass or Volumetric Flow Measurement (i.e. built-in Square Root Function).

  • Guaranteed Accurate within 0.5% of Full Scale (optional 0.25% available)

  • Live Zero - No drop off at 0% of output readings. Ideal for high turn down applications (10 to 1 output or more) while retaining accuracy.


The CES 476 Auto-Zero Draft Range Transmitter provides high precision accuracy and repeatabiity. This unit's fully-automated Intelligent Auto-Zero ensures accuracy and makes it perfect for applications that require remote or unattended precision readings.

For your convenience, this instrument has the capability of manually setting it's zero without disconnecting the unit's pneumatic connections. Keep your process running, even while manually performing a zero cycle.

Like all of our instruments, this instrument is guaranteed to be accurate by Six-Year Guarantee, the longest in the industry.

Product Options:

  • 0.25% Accuracy
  • Volumetric Air Flow Measurement (i.e. cu ft. / min),
  • Mass Flow Measurement (i.e. lbs. / min)
  • MLD Display
  • LCD Display

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