Pressure Drop and Ventilation Tester (CES 508)


  • Measures pressure drop across a porous test sample. Initially designed for cigarettes but adaptable to any porous material.

  • Accurately maintains and measures user settable air flow from 0-100.0 ml/s

  • Automatic pressure drop compensation (i.e. accounts for absolute pressure variations in the environment and test equipment)

  • Accurately measures flow ± .75% ± LCD

  • Accurately measures ventilation (0-100 %)

  • Auto-zero for flow, ventilation, and pressure drop.


This instrument was designed and manufactured to meet your company's need to accurately and repeatably measure total flow and ventilation flow through a test sample cigarette in a temperature controlled environment.

Two of the key innovations in the CES 508 is its ability to automatically compensate for absolute pressure variations and performs an auto-zero before every test.