Draft Range Transmitter (CES 447)


  • Senses draft range (i.e. low-flow) differential pressure between sources and outputs corresponding a current (i.e. mA) signal.

  • Outputs a Current Signal (for voltage output applications check out the CES 450)

  • Optional Flow Measurement (i.e. Integral Square Root Function).

  • Full Scale (i.e. maximum pressure ranges) between 0.1 - 55.0" of H20

  • Guaranteed Accurate within 0.75% of Full Scale

  • Immune to EMI / RFI (i.e. electrical and radio intereference)

  • Cost Effective

Example Applications:

  • Any Application where Air or Gas flow needs to be precisely monitored.
  • HVAC Systems - Flow Stations
  • Laboratories & Clean Rooms - Air flow and pressure monitoring
  • Pharmaceuticals - Fume hood airflow sensors


This draft range transmitter is perfect for any application which requires the precision measurement of differential pressure between air and other gasses. This instrument can be calibrated to provide Full Scale (i.e. maximum pressure) readings between 0.1 - 55.0" of H20. This device is loop powered and converts the differential pressure signal recieved from the air / gas sources into a 4-20 mA signal.

With normal use, this instrument is guaranteed to be accurate and repeatable even after 10 million readings, guaranteeing you years of faithful service at an affordable price.

Products Options:

  • 0.25% Accuracy
  • Volumetric Air Flow Measurement (i.e. cu ft. / min),
  • Mass Flow Measurement (i.e. lbs. / min)
  • LCD Display

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