Purge Master (CES 455)


  • Effectively cleans air flow pathways

  • Unique "Pulse Purge" minimizes shop air utilization while providing superior cleaning.

  • User selectable purge schedule

  • emote Purge (initiate purge with control systems, PLC, etc.).

  • Steel Enclosure (NEMA 4)

  • 120VAC Power


The CES 455 Purge Master will ensure that air pathways for your critical process will remain clear and free of debris. Hundreds of these instrument have been deployed for over a decade in some of the most challenging environments.

Like all of our products, this instrument is guaranteed to be accurate by Six-Year Guarantee, the longest in the industry.

Product Options:

  • 467 or 476 Auto-Zero Transmitter (further information)
  • Stainless Steel (NEMA 4X) Enclosure
  • Windowed enclosures available upon request
  • Custom implementations

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